About Us

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Mission of World Prays

“To motivate people to pray for themselves and others, in order to improve the general status of the world as a society”

        World Prays is a network of people who have a burden to pray for their communities, towns, cities, states, countries and the world. People who are concerned about societal decadence and want to preserve it.

    Members commit themselves to joining other members to pray for people, events, and happenings around them. Everyone can be a member of World Prays. We also provide for people in need through outreach program.

It does not matter where you are, who you are or what you do. Click here to become a member.

This is how the network works…

  • Weekly prayer lists are posted on website for people who do not have access to free conference calls in the country where they reside. Our network “joint prayer days” are on Saturdays between hours of 4:00 p.m and 11:00p.m local times

  • Daily prayers are posted on the Worldprays website. Members are encouraged to go to check for prayer topics everyday.

  • They are also encouraged to pray about this request daily

  • Anyone can submit prayer points. Prayer topics range from news events, personal prayer requests (please do not include your names on the blog for privacy reasons – you may state first names)

  • Prayer requests can also be submitted here

  • View the conference call time in your country here

  • Become a member of World Prays here

Other outreach programs. Click here